Arm Tuck

Many people notice that after significant weight loss that they have excess loose, hanging skin on their upper arms. This is sometimes commonly referred to as ‘bat wings’ due to the loose, swinging quality of the skin. To reduce this excess skin and achieve a more natural contour to your arm, you may wish to consider an arm tuck.

With an arm tuck, Dr. Wallman or Dr. Kao will make an incision in the back of your arm. Liposuction may be combined with the skin removal to reduce any excess fat and to loosen the skin. Excess skin will be removed along with any remaining fat. The skin is then repositioned and the incision closed. With an arm tuck, your upper arm area will be smaller and have better tone; enabling you to better enjoy the rewards of your weight loss.

As with any incision, there is always the risk of infection as the wound heals. With an arm tuck, there is also some scarring and the risk of a scar that ‘spreads’ up the arm where the excess skin was removed. There is the possibility of some numbness in the area for up to one year. Some people also notice that even after the procedure, there may be some additional sagging.

Arm Tuck by Dr. Kao

Before: top, after: bottom