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      Is there an age range for plastic surgery?

      There is no age range for plastic surgery. As long as you are medically healthy, procedures can be done safely.

      Who is a good candidate for plastic surgery?

      A patient who is medically healthy with reasonable expectations of results and goals is a good candidate for plastic surgery. A consultation with Dr. Kao or Dr. Wallman will help to determine this.

      Are there any medical conditions that might exclude someone from plastic surgery?

      Candidacy for plastic surgery is very individual. A condition that might exclude one from plastic surgery is IDDM (Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus). To best determine your candidacy, please book a consultation with Dr. Wallman or Dr. Kao.

      How long are wait times to schedule a procedure?

      We accommodate our schedule to what works best for you. Please come in for a complementary consultation to learn more about surgery scheduling.

      Do you charge for consultation?

      Consultation with both Dr. Kao or Dr. Wallman is complimentary.

      How much will my procedure cost?

      The cost of surgery varies, depending on the procedure and the individual patient. It is best to book a consultation with Dr. Wallman or Dr. Kao to discuss surgery specifically tailored to the needs of the patient and the cost involved. Please contact us for more detailed information on cost.

      What is included in the cost of my surgery?

      The cost of surgery includes the surgery itself, anaesthesia fees, and all follow-up visits necessary to ensure an excellent outcome.

      Is financing available?

      Yes, there are various options including Medicard, a financing company for cosmetic surgery procedures. Another option is to consider a Personal Line of Credit from your bank, if you qualify. Please note, we cannot accommodate third-party billing.

      Is there anything I can do to prepare for my surgery?

      Being fit and well rested is the best way to approach any surgery. Any smokers should completely stop smoking three to four weeks before and after surgery. All other instructions are given to the patient prior to surgery.

      Where will my surgery be done?

      The surgery can be performed at The Markham Institute of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, which is a safe, accredited private clinic, or at Markham Stouffville Hospital. The location of the surgery depends on patient preference, and the type of surgery to be performed.

      How much pain can I expect from my procedure?

      Every surgery has different levels of pain, and every individual experiences pain differently. Generally, most cosmetic surgery procedures will have some discomfort within a week, except for tummy tucks, in which the pain can last up to two weeks.

      What kind of follow up will I require?

      Most surgeries will require follow-ups one week, four weeks, three months and one year after surgery. Some require more, and some less depending on the surgery and the patient.

      How much scarring can I expect from my surgery?

      Dr. Wallman and Dr. Kao strive to keep scars to a minimum or to hide them from view as best as possible. Most scars in the body heal well, with thin, flat white lines. Scarring can vary from individual to individual, depending on skin type and heredity. Some patients may develop spread, raised or itchy scars called Hypertrophic or Keloid scars. If this happens, there are products than can help to minimize them or improve their appearance in the long term. If you have a previous bad scar, or a genetic predisposition for bad scars, informing Dr. Kao or Dr. Wallman before the procedure can be helpful to try and prevent them from occuring.

      How long can I expect my recovery to last?

      Depending on the surgery involved, the initial recovery before one can return back to social activities and work ranges from one week up to four weeks.

      How long will it be until I see the final result of the surgical process?

      Most procedures are well healed within one month of the surgery and you can get back to your normal activities. Mild swelling and subtle changes may occur for up to one year. Please read about the service you are interested in on our Services page to get more detailed information.

      Will my results look natural or will I look like I’ve had cosmetic work done?

      Unless a patient specifically asks for an excessively tight look, Dr. Kao and Dr. Wallman prefer a soft look to make a patient look refreshed, rejuvenated and natural.

      What happens if my expectations are not met or my results need touch up?

      Open communication and discussion with Dr. Wallman or Dr. Kao during the planning stages of the surgery is important to ensure that you have an outcome you are happy with. The follow-ups that occur after surgery help to ensure that any issues with the surgery are discussed. If revision surgery is necessary or possible, this is generally done after one year from the surgery. There may be added cost to revision surgery depending on the situation.

      Should touch up surgery be required, that typically is decided between Dr. Kao or Dr. Wallman and the patient. Usually, any touch up surgery will be an extra fee.

      What are my discharge instructions?

      Discharge instructions are specific to each individual’s surgery. Items that apply to almost all surgery include: no driving after general anesthetic fro 24 hours and you must have support at home after general anesthetic.