An ear tuck can be done at any age. It is recommended that children should be at least five years old, which is when ears stop growing, before considering the procedure. Various techniques are used to do an ear tuck based upon your aesthetic goals. Generally, a small incision is made behind the ears. Cartilage is manipulated to change the shape of and reposition the ears. Excessive skin may be removed. Dr. Kao or Dr. Wallman will discuss with you your specific treatment plan.

Following the procedure, you will be required to wear a large bandage for one week to ensure that healing occurs with your ear in the correct position. For several weeks following this, you will need to wear a headband while sleeping to ensure your ear does not bend. Complications from an Otoplasty are quite rare but may include some bleeding or infection. There is a small chance that after the surgery, you may notice that they are not exactly symmetric. However, by nature, most ears are not exactly the same, but quite close in shape size and prominence.